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Intelligentsia International, Inc. offers its visitors an opportunity to experience the environmental, technical, social and recreational diversity of Florida. In addition to eco-tourism and educational exchange programs, participants are also given an opportunity to help bring positive change to the USA. Intelligentsia is a regional leader in promoting new approaches to environmental, water, energy and community activism, as practiced in rural southwest Florida. The Intelligentsia participant teams are a real force in transforming the USA. These unique experiences help prepare students and young professionals for meaningful careers in other parts of the world. Intelligentsia's activities are very diverse, they are not equal only to typical student summer internships. Browse through our websites and feel free to contact us if our international practical experience programs interest you. You may also apply online to our program.

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Biomass prodcution in SW Florida

Sustainable Biomass Production

Intelligentsia, together with University of Florida, Edison State College and the U.S. Department of Energy initiated research and educational programs related to biofuels, sustainable biomass farming and fuel conversion systems. These systems should balance various economic, social and ecological needs (e.g. food production, water storage, nutrients management, soil subsidence, energy efficiency, habitat protection, etc.) of Florida. More on Sustainable Biomass Production...

Biomass production in SW Florida.

Water storage and flow management scenarios in Florida.

Biomass production and its effects on land use systems.

Emergy analysis

Energy Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment

Intelligentsia researches existing sugarcane farming systems typical of south Florida (and other production areas) and analyzes sugarcane ethanol life cycle (LCA) from water, energy and carbon perspectives. "Traditional" and "alternative" sugarcane cultivation and ethanol conversion technologies have a range of environmental and economical implications that not fully investigated yet, so we explore new fields of scientific research and environmental sustainability approaches. More on Energy Analysis...

Emergy analysis

Emergy (embodied energy) and LCA of sugarcane.

Energy analysis and LCA.

Port LaBelle Utility System website maintained by Intelligentsia.

PLUS website maintained by Intelligentsia.

Water Treatment and Utilities

Intelligentsia's president Dr. Capece helps to manage planning for the Port LaBelle Utility System (PLUS) of Hendry and Glades Counties. This includes the Citizen Advisory Committee, the PLUS web site and current infrastructure projects - a new water treatment plant, transmission line and water service network for 15,000 home sites. A former Intelligentsia's participant, Moctar Siddo from Niger, served for 2 years as the PLUS engineer, employed by Hendry County, until he went on to a new job building utility systems in Africa. More on Water Treatment and Utilities...

Intelligentsia's training program participants visiting a water treatment facility.

III participants visiting a water treatment facility.

Carbon capture.

Intelligentsia's website on climate changes.

Energy Technologies & Climate Change Policies

Intelligentsia promotes energy policies to reduce greenhouse gases and climate change, maintaining a web site on carbon capture, sequestration topics and many similar issues. Intelligentsia's president, Dr. Capece, advocates these technologies to be adopted in designing new electric power plants, which are more environmentaly friendly. Intelligentsia's visitors have participated among other tasks in rallies opposing pollution from coal plants. More on Climate Change Policies...

Carbon capture

Research related to climate change effects is among our top priorities.

        and Technology

Technical research and other projects with University of Florida.

Instrumentation, Technology & Technical Research

Intelligentsia, in cooperation with Southern DataStream, University of Florida and other partners allows visitors to join in special eco-tourism and educational tours programs combined with practical experience in SW Florida farmlands and native areas. Students and young professionals coming here from all over the world receive experience in many technical fields and develop theirs skills in preparation for their future careers. More on Instrumentation and Technology...

        and Technology

Water quality sampling on SW Florida ranches.

Website for clean water projects in Central Asia, Africa & other developing regions.

Website for clean water projects in Central Asia & Africa.

International Development and Humanitarian Service

Intelligentsia in cooperation with dozens of Rotary International service clubs, CARE International and SilkRoad Science & Engineering has initiated a development project in Central Asia and West Africa to address problems of unsafe drinking water supplies, improper sanitation and insufficient human resources training there, while also raising awareness in local communities about these serious issues of developing world. More on Humanitarian Service...

III directors Sabina Dzalaeva & Michal Fidler at water project site.

III directors Sabina Dzalaeva & Michal Fidler at water project site.


Riverwatch website created by Intelligentsia.

Environmental Advocacy

Intelligentsia designed and maintains web site, databases and other technology tools of Caloosahatchee River Citizens Association (CRCA) - Riverwatch. Participants created documentary videos on ecological and political issues associated with water pollution, algal blooms and ecological destruction of the river and its estuary. Intelligentsia also publishes the CRCA Newsletter and organizes various fundraising events for CRCA-Riverwatch. More on Environmental Advocacy...


III visitors during a river cruise.

Ecological restoration

Caloosahatchee oxbow BEFORE restoration.

Hydraulic and Ecological Restoration

Intelligentsia works with Southern DataStream on restoration projects for oxbows (old river sections) along the Caloosahatchee River. Participants help with channel and construction designs, computer flow modeling and public education aspects of these unique restorations. More on Ecological Restoration...

Ecological restoration

Caloosahatchee oxbow AFTER restoration.

Community service

LaBelle Nature park website.

Community Service and Recreation

Community-minded groups and individuals have joined together to improve public access and usage of the LaBelle Nature Park. LaBelle Rotary Club has presented these ideas to County Recreation Board and got an approval to implement needed improvements to the park. Intelligentsia created associated web site and also actively participate in various assignments related to this community project. More on Community Service...

Community service

Design of proposed kayak trail.


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