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B6. Solar and AC Heat Recovery Systems

Program for Engineering students of various specialization

AC units are designed to remove heat from interior and reject it to the outside air. From an energy conservation point, it would be desirable to reuse this heat in a usable form and not waste this energy. The most obvious form of this heat recovery is for heating water, so developing an environmentally friendly way to generate free hot water every time an AC unit is on. In addition, the system performance could be improved further with including solar panels.

Intelligentsia International has done some initial engineering drawings of such system, but is in need of further testing of the system installation, designing new technical improvements and measuring and analyzing the system's efficiency. This program assignment is therefore an opportunity for engineering students of various disciplines to apply theirs knowledge on a new system that could bring large benefits.


List of main tasks:

  • Research technical background of existing solar and AC heat recovery system;
  • Install controller and data collection systems (datalogger, software, meters and sensors) on the existing system;
  • Implement data collection (temperature, flow, power) under multiple use patterns for hot water and AC;
  • Quantify the recovered/reused saved energy in his new system and document the findings in a comprehensive report;
  • Implement, test and report on suggested improvements to verify theirs functionality;
  • Identify potential quality control problems and develop new procedures for reducing them;
  • Maintain the instruments in working condition and do necessary repairs as needed;
  • Facilitate the selection, purchase and installation for additional AC heat recovery systems;
  • Document all preventative maintenance and repairs.

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