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C2. Environmental Education Youth Program

Program for Education or Environmental Sciences students

Having a mission to support next generation's environmental education efforts and thus bring up thoughtful citizens that will learn to see connections between human activities and condition of nature, Intelligentsia International in cooperation with other community minded groups developed an idea of creating LaBelle Nature Park Educational Center.

The LaBelle Park is currently used (among its other functions) as a field trip destination for Hendry County K-12 classes. Our plans call for using the Park as a focus of more structured K-12 natural resources and environmental education curriculum. Researching existing curriculum structures and incorporating the Park related educational activities into the lessons plans are main objectives of this practical experience assignment.

Environmental Education Youth Program

List of main tasks:

  • Research current environmental education curricula of K-12 schools;
  • Investigate students' interests in theirs environment related activities;
  • Design LaBelle Nature Park new educational activities to help students become more involved and aware of environmental issues;
  • Incorporate these new activities (tours, workshops, environment related events, etc.) into education curricula;
  • Stimulate students' interests in management of natural resources and further studies of the topic;
  • Promote the pursuit of environment related careers among the students;
  • Document efficiency of newly developed activities;
  • Develop and maintain related websites.

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