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C3. Organizational Fundraising Management

Program for Business, Management, Commerce and Finance students

We cooperate with several nonprofit organizations, which were formed with an idea to manage fundraising activities and business arrangements for graduate students groups and educational organizations. The primary responsibility of these organizations has been developing marketing network for graduate student insurance & other services products and we help them with achieving these goals.

Main objectives of this practical experience is to research existing market, develop and implement new strategies for boosting fundraising activities and in various ways increase reaches of this nonprofit organization.

Organizational Fundraising Management

List of main tasks:

  • Research existing market involved in similar type of activities;
  • Develop new marketing network of reliable partners;
  • Create and maintain related websites;
  • Plan on development of various fundraising campaigns;
  • Deliver strategic proposals to potential partners;
  • Maintain contacts and other similar databases;
  • Publish posters, brochures and other advertisement materials;
  • Create periodical newsletters and e-newsletters for delivery to existing and potential customers;
  • Invent new progressive methods how to reach wide audience.

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