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C4. Educational Organization Member Services and Management

Program for Journalism, Management and Business Administration students

Alpha Epsilon Lambda (AEL) is a national academic and leadership honor society for graduate students, has grown steadily over the past years, but remains a humble volunteer partner of Intelligentsia. AEL is designed to promote graduate education through recognition of students who attain academic excellence and take time to participate in graduate student organizations and community groups.

Objectives of this practical experience is to discover graduate student’s honor society nonprofit organization and its culture, procedures and communication, put into practical use various skills obtained during your previous trainings and studies, learn methods how to widen students networks, develop administrative skills and increase awareness of this unique culture of American graduate students.

Educational Organization Member Services and Management

List of main tasks:

  • Learn about objectives of students’ honor societies and theirs culture;
  • Develop administrative skills through assistance in AEL's management tasks;
  • Write and edit articles for seasonal newsletters;
  • Handle in proper and timely manner AEL certificate and pin orders;
  • Manage membership databases and associated websites;
  • Organize educational programs and activities for existing chapters;
  • Coordinate with universities organizing new chapter’s installations;
  • Manage AEL's fiscal collection and other administrative paperwork;
  • Develop and deliver AEL proposals to various potential sponsors;
  • Research available online resources for extending the AEL network to new US and international campuses.

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Our projects are ongoing, so you can apply any time. If you are a non US student, make sure that you have enough time for obtaining your visa.

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Consider your travel agent "first minute" and "last minute" offers, as these might be way cheaper than ordinary tickets. We recommend buying a flight ticket only after you obtain your US visa though.

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