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C6. Software Development for Office and Personnel Management

Program for Engineering, IT, Statistics, Programming, Science and other students

Developing various software tools and online databases for our office and personnel management is an essential part of Intelligentsia's life. Seeking improved functionality, ensuring good reliability and creating easy-to-use interfaces are main components of this practical experience program.

You will learn to master issues related to PHP (and other languages) programming, MySQL (and other) online database systems creation, databases management and maintenance or intelligent online tools setup. You might even get involved in producing basic statistical and graphical analysis of the newly created DB outputs for easier visualization and decision making.

C6 assignment

List of main tasks:

  • Get familiar with assigned IT project computing environment (PHP, MySQL, NavStudio, etc.);
  • Develop a plan that addresses the best practices of software engineering;
  • Collect, summarize and analyze input information;
  • Suggest new databases structure and the best software environment;
  • Create online database systems and associated scripts running related web based tools;
  • Debug the new systems functionality and test its reliability and efficiency;
  • Ensure security of the system to eliminate eventual vulnerabilities;
  • Develop intelligent systems, designated to automatically notify involved staff about actual situation;
  • Produce basic statistical and graphical analysis for easier visualization.

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