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C7. Educational Organization Events and Meeting Planning

Program for Administration, Journalism, HR, PR and other students

Intelligentsia International is a non-profit organization that cooperates with several partners of similar nature. The group addresses wide range of issues, from graduate students education to environmental challenges. Intelligentsia takes part in events coordinated by various members of our partners network and also organizes itself meetings and conferences.


Main objectives of this practical experience is to develop a set of procedures needed for organizing wide range of educational events. The newly developed procedures need to be tested in practical use, as the events we organize/attend range from small local scale to large national scale. In other words, you can help with organizing a monthly meeting of local environmental group just within LaBelle limits as well as national conference attended by several hundreds of professionals in Washington DC. Preparing informational materials, helping with development of a conference program, coordinating attendees, collecting and posting meeting minutes and organizing a long list of similar items to make an event a success are examples of the tasks you will do in this practical program.

List of main tasks:

  • Learn objectives of various educational and environmental events we attend;
  • Develop a set of administrative skills needed for organizing such events;
  • Coordinate a small scale local event to test your organizational skills and efficiency of your approach;
  • Create a report about positive and negative outcomes of an event you organized;
  • Prepare informational material, run a marketing campaign and create websites to make others aware about a specific educational event you organize;
  • Manage and coordinate attendees of a specific event;
  • Organize the event's program and activities;
  • Coordinate procedural details with other partners attending an event;
  • Manage fiscal and other administrative paperwork related to an event;
  • Summarize things you learned about making an event a success.

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