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Program Costs

How much money will cost the whole experience? Well, there are several factors to consider, thus it will be somehow different for every applicant. Do the rough mathematics yourself, based on your costs estimates for these main items:

  • return flight ticket (Where will you fly from? Open-end ticket or fixed dates ticket?)
  • medical insurance (Standard or higher quality insurance?)
  • housing expenses (Count with fixed price $1500 for 2 month stay or $2000 if coming during the summer months)
  • daily living expenses (How high are your demands?)

Flight ticket - there are many search engines where you can find cheap flight tickets. Consider various options prior purchasing your ticket, first minute purchase is sometimes better than last minute, while in other cases it works vice verse. The airport you should aim for is Fort Myers Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW), alternatively you can also consider Miami International Airport (MIA).


Medical insurance - prior to your arrival to the program, you will need to submit us evidence of your proper medical and accident insurance. It is your responsibility to verify that the insurance certificate meets or exceeds the coverage limits set forth by U.S. Federal regulations. Typical participant is looking at around $40-$60 per month for proper medical and accident insurance.


Housing - housing fee is the only one fee that is charged by us. We provide a residency in furnished house in a single room, with basic domestic equipment, utilities and DSL internet access with network. The total housing cost for 2 months stay is $1500 (or $2000 if coming during the summer months). From the third (up to sixth) month onwards, the housing might be provided free of charge, for as long as you stick with all standard program conditions and do reasonable progress on your technical assignments.


Daily living expenses - you will be responsible for your meals costs yourself. To estimate costs of meals per month is little tricky, as it really depends on your demands. An "average" program participant needs probably $250/month, but it is usual that participants living together also cook together, thus decrease the expenses rapidly. As a bonus, you also get all the fun of cooking and eating meals prepared by your housemates from completely different ends of the world.

Our practical experience program is unpaid, you won’t receive any direct salary or payments from us. Therefore it is important to consider whether you can afford to come to the USA and support your living here even before you apply to us. If you can't afford the stay yourself, you might want to apply for student support grants that many universities and grant organizations provide. You should ask a person at your university career center responsible for practical programs, whether there is such opportunity and if yes, pursue it.


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