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Environmental Advocacy

"Think globally - act locally" is a motto followed by members of the Caloosahatchee River Citizens Association - Riverwatch (CRCA). CRCA is a group of citizens trying to protect Caloosahatchee river against damage, mismanagement and pollution. Its mission is to increase awareness of these issues among the public as well as local, state and national officials in an effort to prompt positive actions.

You'd be surprised to learn, how negligent some government agencies can be in addressing flagrant violations of law and obvious acts of environment degradation. By joining our team for this assignment, you will gain insights to the challenges and realities of natural resource advocacy work.

During your practical program with Intelligentsia, you will be welcome to attend meetings, take part in whatever issue is just being "battled" and then use this new knowledge when challenging similar issues wherever you come from. You will surely realize that complaining passively won't change anything, but taking action and actively pointing out issues can have big positive impact.

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