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D3. Carbon Capture Advocacy

Program for Engineering, Science, Journalism, Education and other students

If you are worried about greenhouse effect, rapid climate changes and do not want to pretend like many others that there doesn't exist Kyoto Protocol, then this program position is exactly for you.

This assignment involves learning about and helping to educate Americans on issues of global warming, greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide capture and carbon sequestration.

You will be developing technical content and information for general public on these issues, post them for further spread to CarbonCapture.US and deliver to various media outlets. You will also participate in civic and advocacy groups meetings engaged in these issues and "fight peacefully" this fight. While learning on the local environmental issues, you will get better understanding of the consequences that in wider perspective influence all of us, globally.


List of main tasks:

  • Research various carbon capturing designs and technologies;
  • Get appropriate technical background on related issues;
  • Study various environmental policies from global warming perspectives;
  • Document your summarized findings to appropriate websites;
  • Develop information materials for delivering your findings to general public;
  • Advocate your positions during meetings with general public, advocacy groups as well as decision making bodies;
  • Organize educational campaigns to raise awareness about global warming issues.

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Do I necessarily need visa to participate in your program?
Yes, if you are a non-US student. However, keep in mind that you might be also coming under Visa Waiver Program, if you qualify for that. For details on this visa-free traveling option, refer to here.

I am interested in this project, when do you recruit students for the program?
Our projects run all year round, so you have an opportunity to apply for any period you wish.

How do I learn more or apply?
Submit on-line application button at the bottom of this page.

I can't submit online application. Can you help me?
If you face some technical difficulties, please download the Application form in Word, complete and email back to us with your CV and Cover Letter attached.


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