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Dress code

Florida is generally hot during the summer time.  Furthermore, many participants engage in outdoor activities, therefore we permit a somewhat liberal dress code.  Blue jeans and T-shirts, even shorts and sandals are acceptable attire in the office.   However, don't go overboard and dress as if you were going to the beach.  Those, who might participate in client meetings, are expected to dress in a slightly more formal manner (no shorts, T-shirts, etc.).  When attending external meetings as a representative of our program, you should make an effort to dress appropriately.

Do not wear valuable clothing or jewelry when engaging in field activities.  It is not unusual for your field clothes to suffer a stain, acid mark or perhaps even a tear from a barbed wire fence.  When hadling field tasks some students like to wear shorts and sandals, however this is not generally advisable, since open feet and legs leaves you vulnerable to insect bites (particularly ants and mosquitoes), sunburns, and various accidents.  Participants are issued mud boots for most field trips, preventing most ant bites and scratches from tough plants.  If you will be working with heavy objects, you should wear closed shoes, preferably with reinforced toes.   Hats should be worn when working in the sun.  You will be issued a hat if you do not want to use a personal hat.  You will be issued rain suits when such are required in the field.  Gloves for hand protection are also available from company on request.

Unacceptable attire includes:

  • Clothing with any writing that could be suggestive or offensive
  • Dresses or blouses with spaghetti straps
  • Mini skirts
  • Tank tops with excessive scoop or V necklines (front or back)
  • Spandex/formfitting clothing (stretch pants, bicycle pants, lycra)
  • Halter tops and midriff (bare middle) tops
  • See through or mesh clothing
  • Shoes that cause excessive noise in the office
  • Shoes that collect dirt in the soles and track mud into the office
  • Facial jewelry (piercing of eyebrows, lips, cheeks, noses, etc.)
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