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F1. Grant Writing for Research and Education Projects

Program for Journalism, Environment or Law students

Intelligentsia International is always in the process of applying for new projects grants. Becoming familiar with grant proposals writing methods and communicating the proposed ideas to the local and international community are main objectives of this practical experience.

Are you interested and also having own ideas in issues related to education, international development, water management, global warming, environment in general, non-governmental organizations? Then this position might be a good match for you, because we will help you to get the needed technical background, methodologically lead you through all the stages of developing a quality proposal and support you in advocating your ideas.


List of main tasks:

  • Conduct research on selected issue to get proper technical background;
  • Review other submitted or developed proposals related to your selected issue;
  • Attend related public and technical meetings;
  • Document your findings and research outcomes on appropriate websites;
  • Develop your own proposals;
  • Organize meetings and educational campaigns to increase your audience;
  • Develop information materials for public and sponsors supporting your proposed ideas;
  • Communicate with donors and adjust your proposals according to theirs feedback;
  • Assemble and submit final grant application package.

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Need documentation to apply for visa?
List of documentation we can provide you with will vary based on the visa category you are applying for. Please refer to the Visa Category Chart in your local US Embassy web-site for detailed information.

When can I come?
At any time, as our projects run all year round.

How do I apply?
Click the "Submit Online Application" button at the bottom of this page.

I have difficulties to submit online application. Can you help me?
If you face some technical difficulties, please download the Application form in Word, complete and email back to us with your CV and Cover Letter attached.


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