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F4. Fiscal Management

Program for Finance, Business or Management students


Developing technical skills needed for managing various finance oriented software packages, understanding tax reporting duties of pro-profit and non-profit organizations, getting familiar with main options for collecting and disbursing organizations funds or learning about insurance related issues are just few examples of objectives of this challenging practical program at Intelligentsia International.

List of main tasks:

  • Develop understanding of selected main fiscal software packages;
  • Maintain QuickBooks data, P&L and similar reports;
  • Create invoices and properly track them;
  • Prepare payment request reminders and similar tasks;
  • Manage collection and disbursement of organizational funds (e.g. checks, bank transfers, PayPal system etc.);
  • Help with preparation status financial forms, tax reports and other related paperwork;
  • Research available online resources to assure that cooperating organizations have all required insurance coverage (e.g. D&O, Liability, Bond etc.)

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