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F5. Promotion and Marketing of Educational Programs

Program for Marketing, Management or Journalism students

Intelligentsia's programs (and mostly its related long term goals) need promotion among students, graduates, university career centers and other potential audience. We are not just another company offering cheap internships, we do projects that develop new environmental approaches, educate others in wide range of issues and also seek some long term solutions for our planet. More young people need to hear about these issues and possible solutions, so you can help to increase awareness among them, while also putting into practical use your skills obtained during your marketing and management classes.


If you have own ideas how to promote educational programs related to international development, water management, global warming, environment or even non-governmental organizations, then this program position might be a good match for you. We will provide you with an opportunity to apply your academic training to real world challenges. You can lead the effort through all the stages - from developing initial marketing concepts to implementing the actual programs.

List of main tasks:

  • Study available background information, market and competitors information;
  • Review currently used marketing approaches, assess their efficiency and make needed adjustments to target wider audience;
  • Communicate with potential clients to refine the most suitable approaches;
  • Develop new marketing strategies and implement current marketing campaigns to widen potential audience;
  • Design, create and maintain files (such as newsletters, brochures, leaflets and similar promotional materials) as well as websites in order to support pursued marketing efforts;
  • Review parameters used for assessment of marketing activities and evaluate effectiveness of the marketing campaign;
  • Manage other members of the marketing team;
  • Create "lessons learned" report and suggest further improvements to the marketing approaches.
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What are the program main requirements?
We do not expect you to be an experienced employee or professional. What we do require is that you possess strong wish to learn new things related to your future career and our projects as well as to have some skills beyond your professional focus.

Do I necessarily need visa to participate in your program?
Yes, if you are a non-US student. However, keep in mind that you might be also coming under Visa Waiver Program, if you qualify for that. For details on this visa-free traveling option, refer to here.

How do I apply?
Click the "Submit Online Application" button at the bottom of this page.

I have difficulties to submit online application. Can you help me?
If you face some technical difficulties, please download the Application form in Word, complete and email back to us with your CV and Cover Letter attached.

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