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Former Participants Feedback

See below copies of few emails that our program former participants sent us. This feedback is a perfect example showing that our program is not only an opportunity to enhance your professional skills, but also to make firm and lifelong friendships.

Bon giorno from Venice!


…It is sometime hard to understand how important the experience in Florida has been for all the guys. Much-much more that everybody believed, while we were living it. And not only work-wise.

Some of us got married, other lived fundamental human experience, and at every meeting we discover some new story (especially about secret loves about others!!!) someone were not aware of!

This last has been a small reunion, just the three of us, but we had a wonderful time together, remembering old times at III and talking about future. Thiago and Stephane are doing very well, happy with theirs jobs. So am I. We always mention a big reunion in Florida and sooner or later I will commit myself to organize it, maybe at the Oxbow hotel!!!

Thanks again for the opportunity you were giving us and keep giving to the new students!! Take care of yourself and have a happy 2007.


Andrea, 2000
Civil engineer from Italy

Esarment, 2002
Electrical Engineer from Brazil

Buenos dias from Brazil!


I got the job in Manchester with an American Company. Thank you again!

Since I went to LaBelle and stayed with you, many things changed: I learned English, got a wife, children, learned from you and the others a lot. All the jobs I have got so far take into account the fact that I worked with you.

Best Wishes,


Hello from Australia!


I have just received an e-mail from your office and it has made me realize that I have not thanked you yet for giving me the opportunity to train with you.

I have been very busy and have actually not had the time to reflect on my time spent in the U.S. I have practically flown from Ft Myers airport, straight into a full time job, full time Uni and organizing of that solar panel business idea that you mentioned.

So, thank you for putting up with me in your group and for all the advice you have given me. My program in U.S was a wonderful experience and a great challenge.

I doubt I will be able to find a similar opportunity in Australia.



Milan, 2005
Mechatronic Engineer from Australia

Paolo, 2006
Information Engineer from Italy

Ciao from Italy!

I'd like to inform you that my trip back was perfect and I enjoyed Italian meal on the airplane :).

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to greet you with a real hand shaking, but I know you were very busy that day...anyway, I'm sure Barbara sent you my greetings instead of me.

I have to say that I'm really happy to be back here in my country, with my family, friends, my language (sometimes still accidentally use English expressions!)...but I have to also admit that I will miss the "environment" of the internship, the interns/friends, the work and the "scolding" too: of course it has been a life experience, maybe more than an academic program, and I feel a little bit changed and different than before, hopefully better.


Guten Tag from Germany!

It has been now closer to three months since I came to III for my program. Every thing was more than my expectation. Every day of my office was a day of exploration for new methods, ideas, procedures and systems. The program was challenging, diverse and interesting too. I would say that in such a short period of time I have learned as much as all the times I spent studying different degrees.

The opportunity I had with your organization will have a significant impact on my future successful carrier. I wish I could stay longer and learn more and more. But I have to travel back to Germany and see how things could move ahead and make important decision to either further continue in my academic life or go back home and implement all the academic and professional knowledge and skills I have acquired over time.

Finally, I would like to say nothing but thank you for all your patience and time in helping me learn all.


Getnet, 2006
Natural Resource Manager from Ethiopia

Sunny, 2007
Mechanical Engineer from South Korea

Bonjour from France!

Hello! It's been almost a year since I left LaBelle, and I finally send you a greeting card :) I hope everything's going well with III and wish you and Barbara a happy new year. Yes, I am in France right now and I've been backpacking for about a week. I met Faical in Morocco (amazing trip), David, Nicolas, Jerome and Ben in France, oh and Humberto in Germany.

I suddenly realized that III had brought me amazing friends (that is worth more than anything) in my life. I just want to thank you for everything and wish you good luck with all the projects you've been working on :)

Sunny Park


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