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H1. Construction Design and Permitting

Program for Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Sciences students

Intelligentsia in cooperation with other non-profit organization has been designing a list of construction improvements along the Caloosahatchee river. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other federal and local agencies require extensive permit applications for approving these technical projects.

Preparing technical and formal parts of the permits applications (e.g. for dredging projects for cleaning old oxbows, for constructing docks and platforms along the river, for demarcating nature and kayak trails, for terracing river banks land etc.) and securing these permits are essential components of this program.

H1 assignment

List of main tasks:

  • Research formal procedures related to obtaining new design permits;
  • Document your findings in a comprehensive website;
  • Assist in developing new project design proposal;
  • Study assigned design improvement from technical perspectives;
  • Produce new construction drawings based on standard designs;
  • Develop and organize quality scope of work;
  • Conduct field surveys and draw location maps;
  • Prepare budget estimates and other accompanying documents needed for full application package;
  • Incorporate into your plan suggested improvements from project decision makers;
  • Apply for federal, county or city permit as outlined in your specific design project;
  • Assist with the actual construction processes after securing the needed permits.

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