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H2. Waterway Flow Dynamics and Sediment Transport Modeling

Program for Engineering, Hydrology or IT students

Before its dredging and straightening, the Caloosahatchee River was a small winding river that snaked its way from the marshes east of LaBelle to its estuary at Ft. Myers. Between 1880 and 1965 the Caloosahatchee was subjected to a series of dredging projects until the natural river was erased and it became a wide, deep, and straight canal. Intelligentsia International, in cooperation with Watershed Council and CRCA/Riverwatch has been working for many years on projects related to restoring the remaining original oxbows (the isolated river bends) and saving at least these last pieces of the river’s legacy.


The practical experience assignment involves selecting and pursuing one of the ongoing technical projects related to restoration of the river oxbows, collecting and incorporating quality field data, implementing and improving computer simulation models of flow and sediment transport in the river oxbows, and exploring the designs and possible effects of engineering options for the restorations.

List of main tasks:

  • Assemble and review past research on this topic;
  • Identify the current methodologies (simulation programs, data collections, etc.) being used in similar modeling projects;
  • Produce a literature review and annotated bibliography of past research and restoration projects;
  • Conduct field trips to understand the river and its oxbows and to collect site-specific input data;
  • Document measurable parameters (e.g. sediments quality and quantity, pollutants dispersion rate, flow speed and direction, etc.)
  • Implement the simulation model on the target oxbow;
  • Test and calibrate your sediments movements and flow models;
  • Create maps showing the model’s predictions of water flow and sediment transport in the main river and site oxbows;
  • Document your findings in a comprehensive report and web site; and
  • Present your results to interested parties.

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