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H8. Water Conservation Surveys and Project Implementation

Program for Civil Engineering, Hydrology, Urban Planning and other students

Hendry County takes various measures to conserve its water and to protect its water resources from the harmful effects of over-utilization. Because population of the County is steadily growing, traditional and alternative water supply projects need to be identified and conservation/reuse programs necessary to meet current and future water use demands developed. Although within the Hendry County there is only modest potential for water conservation measures, the County is continually looking for ways to improve its service. In order to do so, engineers, planners and politicians need to hear from its customers, so new water conservation measures can be adopted and enforced.


Student involved in this challenging and perspective practical assignment will (among other similar tasks) e.g. help to track the growth in new water connections within the County, revise the water conservation element of future water management plans, develop educational programs for the community or survey customers in order to understand the factors that influence homeowners and businesses to conserve water, etc.

List of main tasks:

  • Learn details about typical water conservation measures (rainwater harvesting, irrigation through reclaimed water, low-water use landscaping, high-efficiency household devices, etc.);
  • Assist in collecting methods of alternate water conservation measures from different Counties and States;
  • Document your findings in a comprehensive website;
  • Develop water conservation survey forms;
  • Implement field surveys among customers;
  • Study local water conservation ordinances and suggest possible improvements, based on the previous research and surveys results;
  • Assure that the suggested improvements meet the local and federal legal regulations;
  • Develop educational program for to the community in order to increase awareness about water conservation.

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