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Community Service and Recreation

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Community-minded groups and individuals have joined together to improve public access and usage of the LaBelle Nature Park and create associated Educational Center.

Improve understanding of Florida's natural and cultural resources values and importnaces are the main objectives of involved Eco-Coalition group.

Regular clean-ups take place, ambitious proposals are being created, submitted and implemented.

The Park is a field trip destination for Hendry County K-12 classes, while plans for using the Park as the focus of a more structured K-12 natural resources and environmental education curriculum are in progress.

The Park has a potential to be the site of oxbows restoration project to reopen portions of the old Caloosahatechee River.

Rotary Club of LaBelle implements in the Park its service projects (installation of benches, set up of security system, etc.).

In other words, there is really a lot to do (and learn) from the Park related activities, so check our assignment pages to get involved.

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