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Pre-Arrival Procedures

At first, get familiar with our internship and training program objectives, assignments, conditions, FAQs, etc., through our web.

If the program meets your expectations, submit us this application form.

After your application submission, await a formal email response from one of our officers, who will then lead you in detail through the formal procedures listed below. In this first email from us, you will be asked to complete a Questionnaire form. Our request to complete this form will serve you as an indicator that your application is being considered and in active review process.


After we review your Questionniare and decide to offer you a program position in Intelligentsia International, Inc., then these are the basic pre-arrival formal procedural steps:

  • Review our program conditions and policies
  • Complete and submit these four agreement forms:
    • (1) Program Conditions and Policies Acceptance Agreement
    • (2) Program Challenges Agreement
    • (3) Housing Agreement
    • (4) Liability Waiver Agreement
  • Await confirmation email that the four agreement forms were received and approved.
  • Make $150 housing reservation payment and await confirmation email that the fee was received. This fee is non-refundable and must be paid in advance of any formal visa or other support paperwork processing starts. The purpose of this fee is to discourage students, who are not serious about the program from consuming our staff time in documents preparation and to avoid housing vacancies due to students changing their arrival and departure dates frivolously.
  • Consider your visa options (if applicable) and notify us of your desired visa choice.
  • Apply for your visa (if applicable) with a visa support document from us.
  • After securing your visa, send us a copy of your visa and passport.
  • Make $600 deposit to complete the pre-arrival payment (if you are an international applicant, you are expected to cover this fee right after you secure your visa.)
  • Await our confirmation email that your pre-arrival housing payment has been received.
  • Purchase medical/accident insurance and submit us an evidence.
  • Submit us your national and international drivers license (if you have any)
  • Make travel plans and notify us of your arrival date/time and other details. Plan your arrival for a regular week day (Mon - Fri), not a weekend day (Sat - Sun) and during reasonable hours of arrival (6 AM - 11 PM).
  • Follow our instructions regarding the actual arrival to the program and a specific meeting point for your pickup.
  • Make the $750 post-arrival payment on the first day after your arrival to our program.
  • Start the program.


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