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Drivers license and related issues

Drivers license:

Only participants with at least three years old international drivers license and driving records in English can be considered as possible drivers for any of our company vehicles. This consideration happens only after they obtain a Florida drivers license (DL).

The Florida DL must be obtained by a conisdered program participant within a month after his/her arrival to the program. It is usually required to take both the written and practical tests, even if you have an international DL from your home country. There may be an exception for people from specific countries, so inquiry about that when making your tests appointment.

Obtaining your Florida DL is a requirement of the insurance company. After you have gotten your Florida DL and would like to drive one of the company cars, you must get registered with the insurance company first.

When you receive a temporary drivers permit, there is an expiration date on the form. By the time this temporary license expires, you should receive your regular Florida DL. Prior receiving the regular Florida DL, you are not allowed to drive any of the company cars.

Receiving Florida DL does not aitomatically mean that you are covered by insurance. You have to arrange for this with at first.

The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (HSMV) has a DL division. For more related information click here.


Car insurance policies:

Details on this serious issue can be found here.

Information concerning the local office (Hendry County) issuing DL:

NOTE: If you plan to take a driving test, do not schedule it during office hours. Schedule your appointment for 8 am. The test takes only 30 minutes. After you schedule an appointment, 1 hour is plenty of time to complete the test and get the DL. This will ensure that you are back at our office on time, by 9 am.


Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles

Driver License Office - Driver licenses, driving tests and ID cards
Address: 100 Jay Cee Road, LaBelle
Phone number: (863) 674-4022
Office hours: Mon - Fri, 8 am - 5 pm (closed noon - 1 pm)

To get your license, you should follow these steps:

1) Florida Driver’s Handbook. Get a copy of the Florida Driver’s Handbook. We have one available at the office; you can also find it online. Short information about Driving rules could be found online. Read and study the book.

2) Drug and Alcohol course. If you do not have any DL from your home country or an international one, you should take the Drug and Alcohol exam before applying for the Florida Driving License (Section 322.095(1), Florida Statute - Completion of Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education Course Requirement). You will learn about Florida traffic laws, the effects of drugs and alcohol on a person's ability to drive, and safe driver techniques.
The Drug and Alcohol course is 4 hours long and you can take it online at your convenience from the privacy of your home.
The price of the course is $29.95. The online test and more details on Drug and Alcohol course are available here.

3) Written test. Call the DL office or stop by to schedule an appointment to take the written test.

4) Safety class. Required by the state only in certain cases.

5) Learner's permit. Get the learner's permit from the State of Florida.

6) Vision test. If you need glasses or contacts – wear them!

7) Practice driving with a fully licensed driver.

8) Road test. Take the road test. If you already have your home country DL, then the driving test can be taken on the same day as the written test.

9) Driving License. Get the full Florida DL. The driver’s license will cost $25.25. This is a one-time fee for both the written and the driving tests. Be sure to bring with you the following items:
- Passport;
- Social security card;
- Money to pay the fee (see above).
- INS Form I-94 (the white card you have received at the airport).

10) Insurance. Get registered on the office vehicle insurance policy.

Note: All appointments must be made for the opening time of the DL office (8 am) to avoid missing our office hours start (9 am). You must make sure that there is a car with registration and insurance forms available for you on the day you take the test and that somebody can drop you off.

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