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F2. Scientific Reports Editing

Program for English, Engineering, Journalism and other students

Intelligentsia International has a back-log of scientific reports and technical journal articles that require completion and editing, prior being publicly released. The investigated research issues are wide - environmentally friendly and economically sustainable farming, best management practices in water engineering, computer modeling, biomass-ethanol conversion technologies, greenhouse gas emissions, embodied energy, name it.

Becoming skilled with the main reporting and editing methods to produce scientifically publishable technical reports and gaining associated technical experience are main objectives of this practical experience.


List of main tasks:

  • Conduct research on selected report to get proper technical background;
  • Review other reports related to your selected technical issue;
  • Interact with associated scientists and engineers;
  • Organize and document used and cited resources;
  • Study main administrative procedures used in scientific reports editing;
  • Get familiar with formal requirements for a publishable product;
  • Produce your technical edit report;
  • Meet with other technical writers and get theirs feedback on your product;
  • Publish your finalized report in appropriate websites and journals.


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Do you provide housing to program participants?
Yes, we provide housing, local transportation and all necessary utilities for our participants. Click here for more answers to FAQ.

I am interested in this project, when do you recruit students for the program?
Our projects run all year round, so you have an opportunity to apply for any period you wish.

How do I apply?
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I have difficulties to submit online application. Can you help me?
If you face some technical difficulties, please download the Application form in Word, complete and email back to us with your CV and Cover Letter attached.


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