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Q. What is your program about?
A. It is an on-site practical experience program that is either directly related to your major field of study or your career interests. The primary goal of our program is to allow you to incorporate and emphasize the lessons learned in your previous classes into a real-world experience.

Q. Why is such experience so important?
A. Because it provides many benefits to your academic and professional career. In today's competitive job market, it is essential to have a relevant professional experience. Such program gives you the chance to explore your desired potential career and allows you to gain valuable experience working in a real-world professional environment. As a result, you will be better prepared to make decisions about your professional career goals.

Q. What is your program usual duration?
A. It varies between two and six months, with an average stay of four months.

Q. Can I extend duration of my program beyond what was originally agreed?
A. Yes, it is possible, but not guaranteed. You can inquiry about possible extension at the end of the initial program. The final decision will be then made based on mutual agreement.

Q. What are the start/end dates?
A. The positions are open all year round, so you can apply pretty much anytime, during the whole year.

Q. What are the benefits of your program?
A. We provide an opportunity to integrate theory and practice in a variety of settings, our program affords an access to the unique concentration of human and organizational resources of Florida. When dealing with an entirely new environment and learning to rely on your personal resources, you will have a chance to grow socially, intellectually and professionally. Besides this personal growth, you will also gain professional experience, acquire valuable job contacts, meet new (potentially life-long) friends and travel to one of the most attractive areas of the USA.

Q. Why should I consider your program?
A. So many reasons…not enough space here for listing all of them. Mainly, you will:

  • test the job waters in your field of study and develop professional skills;
  • gain exposure to real-world technical issues not found in textbooks;
  • get experience that will prove invaluable when seeking full-time employment;
  • increase your productivity, personal and professional independence;
  • improve team work/interactions skills;
  • learn about local political and governmental system, American culture, standards and way of living;
  • establish professional contacts and increase future marketability;
  • strengthen your resume;
  • improve your English skills.

Q. What am I expected to know when starting the program?
A. We do not expect you to know everything. We will train you on how to perform project tasks based on our procedures, guide you through the multiple activities program. However, we do expect you to be very active in pursuing knowledge and improving your skills.


Q. What kind of practical program do you offer?
A. We offers a variety of practical experience programs to young American and international students and young professionals, seeking experience in:

  • scientific research and environmental monitoring;
  • computer simulation of hydraulic and hydrological systems;
  • design and management of telemetry and database systems;
  • non-profit organization management and community activism;
  • marketing strategies and administrative support;
  • production of project reports and videos;
  • land development and constructions;
  • several other similar assignments

Q. What is the mission of your organization?
A. To provide intensive practical experience program to students and young professionals, emphasizing technical content as well as orientation on pluralistic society values.
Q. How big is the organization?
A. Intelligentsia is a small organization consisting of Dr. Capece, a couple of his assistants and several program participants in different stages of theirs program. Therefore Intelligentsia is not the place for you if you seek a traditional organization with generous funding and formal professional environment.


Q. How can I apply to the program?
A. If you are interested in being considered for our program, submit us our online application.

Q. I would like to know more about application process. How will I know that I am selected for the program?
A. After submitting the online application you will receive email notification that your record was inserted into our database. If selected for your desired assignment, our officer will contact you, lead through the pre-arrival procedures and help you through all pre-arrival issues.

Q. Are there any deadlines?
A. Yes and no. Our program positions are open all year round, so you can apply anytime you want to, simply when it fits the best your schedule and plans. However, once you are accepted and your program time-frame is set, you will need to stick with the planned program dates.

Q. Can an undergraduate apply? Can a non-student apply?
A. We accept into the program students/professionals of any educational level. Beside typical college junior, senior or graduate students, we have also hosted high school students as well as college professors.

Q. Will I have an interview?
A. No, we do not require a phone or personal interview. We will only request you to complete our Questionnaire form, where you will describe your motivation and goals for desiring to join our program. After that, we will also need to exchange with you several emails, clarifying various details in order to proceed ahead.


Q. Can a foreign (non-US) student apply for your program?
A. Yes, however, you will need to obtain proper visa. In selecting your desired visa option (typically B1/B2, J-1, F-1 or VWP), be sure that you fully understand the costs and procedures involved. Once you select your visa option, follow through the processes listed step by step at your local US Embassy website. You are responsible for tracking the process and making sure that all forms are completed and submitted.

You will need to keep us informed about your choices and your progress in the visa application process. VWP can be obtained within few minutes, B1/B2 visa can be usually secured within 1-2 weeks, J-1 visas can take as long as 2 months to complete.


Q. What is the program location?
A. The program is located in LaBelle, in Hendry County, an agricultural region of south Florida. LaBelle is approximately 30 miles east from Fort Myers or 120 miles northwest from Miami.

Q. How do I get there?
A. Check various hints at our arrival web.


Q. What are the current projects Intelligentsia is involved at?
A. For detailed description, go to the assignments web.

Q. What will be my program schedule?
A. It will be Monday - Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm, with 1 hour lunch break.

Q. What will I do most of my time? How will be my average day in your program organized?
A. Well, it really depends on your project assignments. There is a variety of activities that come up on a daily and weekly basis – practical tasks in the office, attending to laboratory tasks, going to field trips, organizing community events and seminars and many others.

Q. How will I be supervised?
A. We use special supervisory environment at III. Non-technical aspects (e.g. housing, vacations, etc.) are handled by our organization staff through the internet. Technical aspects are supervised during weekly meetings by Dr. Capece, where your project reports and other accomplishments get reviewed. In all cases, Dr. Capece will tailor the program scope according to your background and needs, indicate duties and responsibilities and develop a performance plan, including your expected progress schedule and performance standards. 


Q. Is the housing provided? Where will I live during my program? How does the house look like? 
A. There is a variety of housing that is used by the III program participants. We provide a single room residency in furnished house or apartment, with basic domestic equipment (washer, dryer, pots/pans/dishes, towels, sheets), utilities (water, electricity) and internet access. Detailed Housing Agreement will be signed during the pre-arrival procedures.

Q. What special should I bring to the house?
A. Nothing special. You just need to bring positive attitude, since you might be sharing kitchen and living room with 3-4 people from different nations and cultures. However, you will have your bedroom just for yourself.


Q. How many people participated in your program and where did they come from? 
A. We have hosted more than 480 students and professionals from 68 nations since 1999. You can see some of them at the former participants web.


Q. Will I get academic credit for the program?
A. The authority to grant academic credit is entirely determined by each academic department; some absolutely never do, some commonly do, with some it might be negotiable. It will be your responsibility to ask your academic supervisor for an advice in finding out related information. If you decide to pursue credit-bearing options, we will help you to fill out the appropriate paperwork, but you need to inform us about that prior your program gets started.

Q. Can I include this experience in my resume?
A. Yes, absolutely. Our program provides experience related to your career field, will definitely strengthen your resume and attract the potential employer's attention. Usually, employers rate similar career related experience as a fundamental factor affecting their decision to hire candidates for full-time positions.


Q. Is it safe to go to US?
A. Security issue is defined as a top priority by the US government, so you shouldn't be afraid to come here more than to any other safe country. Moreover, safety is also our organization's primary concern. Poor safety habits and practices can be a sufficient basis for canceling the program.


Q. Are the positions paid?
A. No, as a non-profit organization we can't afford to pay for your attendance in our program. You won't receive any salary or payments from us.

Q. How can I finance my program in the USA then?
A. It is very important for you consider whether you can afford to come to the USA and support your living here even before you apply to us. If you can't afford it, as an option, you can choose to apply for student support grants that many universities provide. Moreover, students have also a possibility to apply for a student grants. There exist a number of them, because many universities and schools already work closely together with various student grant organizations. You should ask a person at your university career center responsible for your practical program, whether there is such opportunity and if yes, pursue it.

Q. Are there any program fees that I have to pay to the organization?
A. No. There are no program fees charged to our program participants.   

Q. Do you provide housing? Is the housing paid? How much will it cost me?
A. Yes, we provide a residency in furnished house or apartment, in a single room, with basic domestic equipment. The total housing cost for 2 months stay is $1500 (or $2000, if coming during the summer months). From the third month onwards, the housing might be provided free of charge for as long as you do reasonable progress on your technical assignments and stick with all the basic program policies. Please note that we require from our participants to pay initial housing reservation deposit of $150 upon their formal acceptance to the program. This deposit is not refundable and is included in the total sum of housing cost.

Q. What kind of insurance do I need?
A. Prior to your arrival to our program, you will need to submit us evidence of your proper medical and accident insurance. It is your responsibility to verify that the insurance certificate meets or exceeds the coverage limits set forth by U.S. Federal regulations.

Q. Will your organization cover meals during my program?
A. No, you will be responsible for that cost yourself.

Q. What is an estimated cost of meals per month?
A. It really depends on your demands, "average" program participant needs probably $300/month. It is very usual though that our participants living together in one house cook together. This can decrease the expenses rapidly and you can also get the fun of cooking and eating meals prepared by your roommates from completely different ends of the world.

Q. How much money will cost me the whole experience?
A. Well, there are several factors to consider, thus it will be somehow different for every applicant. Do the rough mathematics yourself, based on your costs estimates for the main items shown at our Costs page.


Q. What is the appropriate dress code required during the program participation?
A. Program participants are allowed to dress in a casual manner, since Intelligentsia is a practical hands-on environment, not an aloof office.

Q. Is my English appropriate for participating in the program?
A. That's a question you should answer honestly to yourself. We do not expect you to be a fluent speaker, however you must be able to communicate in written and spoken English. keep in mind that after few weeks in our program, your English will most probably improve dramatically if your keep your mind open to the new environment.

Q. What are the evaluation standards?
A. Our program participants are evaluated on their overall performance and suggested areas of improvements. Specific areas emphasized are the participants' technical and communication skills, initiative and the organization's overall impression of the person. Upon arrival, every participant is issued an evaluation ledger and is then responsible for getting the form completed and delivered every two weeks to the program manager.  These bi-weekly evaluations include assessments of progress on technical tasks (first letter grade) and general conduct as a program participant (second letter grade). These descriptive terms can be interpreted as corresponding to the US-style letter grades listed next to each descriptive term:

E – Excellent
G – Good
S – Satisfactory
I – Improve
U – Unsatisfactory 

Q. Can I get vacation days?
A. Program participants are allocated no vacation days in addition to the standard holidays (New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day). Participants may however earn vacation days by accumulating extra project hours on weekends. Each person is allowed sick days, which are granted on a case by case basis. If vacation days are requested and approved, then arrangements must be made to make up for these absences on subsequent weekend days.

Q. Can I join the program more than once?

A. Yes, you can do that.


Q. What if my question isn't answered here?
A. Should you have any additional questions not answered here, contact us via e-mail and we will get back to your within next 24 hours.

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