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F3. Project Administration

Program for Management, Administration, PR and HR students

Intelligentsia International closely cooperates with several pro-profit and non-profit organizations, government bodies and educational institutions. Proper management and coordination are therefore crucial in keeping projects running to satisfaction of all involved groups. Serving as activities and administration tasks planner as well as a coordinator of personnel management are main objectives of this practical experience.

List of main tasks:

  • Get acquainted with ongoing projects and partners;
  • Document this network in clear format to appropriate websites;
  • Develop database of contacts to manage various tasks;
  • Plan meetings and other activities related to specific project;
  • Interact with associated partners and increase existing network;
  • Coordinate personnel management issues;
  • Understand organizations governance systems, rules, responsibilities and duties;
  • Communicate with potential partners and get theirs interest to become involved;
  • Administer in effective manner human resources issues.


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I am interested in this project, when do you recruit students for the program?
Our projects run all year round, so you have an opportunity to apply for any period you wish.

Do you provide housing to program participants?
Yes, we provide housing, local transportation and all necessary utilities to our participants. Click here for more answers to FAQ.

How do I apply?
Click the "Submit Online Application" button at the bottom of this page.

I have difficulties to submit online application. Can you help me?
If you face some technical difficulties, please download the Application form in Word, complete and email back to us with your CV and Cover Letter attached.


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