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Mission and Objectives

Intelligentsia's mission is to assist students, graduates and young professionals to meet their career goals through combination of:

  • professional assignments in the area of natural resources management,
  • educational tours and community involvement,
  • laboratory tasks and field trips,

in its practical experience programs, while also focusing on the values of a pluralistic, democratic society and its principles.

Intelligentsia's objectives are to:

  • assist participants in acquiring qualifications to serve as a foundation in building their future careers;

  • provide students and young professionals with unique experience opportunities that are short-term, diverse, intensive and challenging;

  • develop and practice effective multicultural communication.

Since 1999, Intelligentsia has hosted over 355 participants from 63 nations.

The program is open to students and young professionals, who are pursuing or have already obtained university degrees in:

  • engineering
  • computer science and related fields
  • management, marketing and finances
  • natural and environmental sciences
  • social sciences and journalism
  • education
  • law

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding a suitable project assignment to match your particular academic background and career interests. We have hosted very wide range of applicants and can generally find a suitable project to match your professional preferences.

Take a look at the positions we offer, what our former participants said and also all the fun our participants have in Florida!


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