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Educational Tours

Educational tours allow program participants experience and develop understanding of American way of living and working. We divide the educational tours into 3 main categories:

Classes and seminars - program participants have an opportunity to visit not only local classes and educational seminars, but actually also deliver theirs own presentations there. We have close ties to local K-12 schools and students there are always eager to learn more about the environmental projects we are involved at (and how they could add theirs piece of help) and how life in the countries where our applicants come from looks like. There are also many community groups in SW Florida organizing regular seminars, where our participants often get invited.

This all helps to interlink people with different cultural and academic backgrounds and develop better and deeper understanding between various nations.

Technical meetings - Closely tied to above mentioned seminars, there is always an opportunity to visit local governmental and non-governmental organizations meetings and raise your voice during whatever current environmental "battle". This experience is often very unique for applicants coming from less developed countries, becasue they simply don't have any opportunity to join similar meetings back at home.

We believe that knowledge and skills gained during this kind of practical academic experience is invaluable, because our participants realize soon that taking active actions and pointing out issues properly is the right way how to change anything for better.

Technical facilities tours - Kennedy Space Center, citrus processing plant, water management field stations, water treatment plant, research centers of University of Florida or agricultural irrigation and drainage systems are just few examples of technical facilities that our applicants are offered to visit and tour. There are many more facilities that can be toured, detailed arrangements depend mostly on common interests of the participants group.

These facilities are often high-tech and you will hardly see anywhere else in the world such cutting edge technologies in so close-up view and practical use.

Educational tours related activities are only one part of the whole experience - during the program you will also take part in office assignments, laboratory tasks and field trips.

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