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Laboratory Tasks

Program participants perform variety of technical tasks at the III's laboratory and sometimes also at the University of Florida/IFAS laboratory, depending on theirs specialization and selected assignment.

No matter what program assignment you chose, you might still find yourself eventually getting some basic practical experience in lab procedures and methods. Obviously, we do not expect for example journalism student to perform specialized chemical water tests, however everyone might need to add a hand in range of laboratory tasks related to our water resources research.

Here are few examples of laboratory activities you might join:

  • collecting and preparing water and soil samples;
  • calibrating technical equipment;
  • performing various water quality related experiments;
  • maintaining laboratory equipment;
  • entering laboratory data results into related databases;
  • providing basic statistical analysis;
  • building field sampling equipment;
  • debugging newly developed instruments.

Laboratory related activities are only one part of the whole experience - during the program you will also take part in office assignments, field trips and educational tours.

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