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Field Trips

From time to time, every program participant can take part in field trips. Theirs frequency greatly depends on a specific program plan.

We strongly believe that putting hands also on field related tasks (and not just spend all the time in office environment like in traditional internships) widens the program objectives, participant's experiences and achievements.

Here are few examples of field activities you might join:

  • collecting surface/subsurface water, soil and grass samples
  • measuring water flow and physical parameters in flumes, culverts and wells
  • maintaining field telemetry stations and its software/hardware
  • collecting dataloggers data with laptops and PDAs
  • building and improving automated sampling equipment
  • analyzing GPS data for further analysis.

More detailed description of available assignments is in the list of projects.


Field work related activities are only one part of the whole experience - during the program you will also take part in office assignments, laboratory tasks and educational tours.

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